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What's in your Nappy Caddy?

February 21 2021 – S Harker

What's in your Nappy Caddy?

What's in your Nappy Caddy?

What to put in a Nappy Caddy?

This is a question I had Googled a lot when I became a mum for the first time because there was always something else I felt that needed to be there as the weeks went on. Talking from my own experience, I have listed down a few things depending on the age of your little one/(s).


The significance of a nappy caddy goes further than just tidiness and convenience when you first bring your magical mini human home. For me, I had significantly reduced mobility following my emergency c-section so mastering a few steps was pretty much all I could do. Having my nappy caddy stacked with everything I needed close by really helped. Like a lot.

Here are a few things that I found useful in my nappy caddy in the first few months:


Nappies (of course)

Sensitive Wipes

Barrier Cream

Bio Nappy Sacks

Mustella Water Mist

Baby Powder



Baby Bottle

Vests & Sleepsuits


Meds & Lotions

Thermal Bottle / Flask

Nipple Cream

Nipple Pads

Sanitary Pads


Breast Pump & Bags


Sweets (for energy)

Wireless nightlight 

Thermometer Phone Charger Small Blanket


I found it useful to have a phone charger stashed in there. When I was alone at home and found the stairs too much, it came in handy many times.

One Year +

I would say relatively not much changed other than being cautious about the medication that was in there as little hands are now into everything. I was no longer breastfeeding so replacing with drink cups or bottles.

You’ll be surprised how handy the tampons come in if you stash a couple in there too!

Other things to add at this age:

hair brush
bobbles / headbands 


    Ultimately, you make these caddy’s your own. You stock them with what you find useful as a parent, and as parents, we all like to do it a little differently ✨