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February 21 2021 – S Harker

whynter springs launch the nappy caddy

whynter springs launch the nappy caddy


Today is a huge milestone for Whynter Springs.. LAUNCH DAY. 18 months worth of development, late nights, a new born and three house moves.. we got there.

When I became a mother, I realised that days become less structured. Knowing this, the excitement of being a new parent, I would still search for the latest products and accessories that 'looked good' while not being as focused on the functionality. 6 weeks into having a newborn, this changed quite a lot. Functionality was the driving point for me. I found that a lot of the products that I felt were extremely functional, didn't quite offer much on the eye and well, quite frankly looked a little bit of an eye sore.

"Functionality remained the priority however, I still felt the need for aesthetically pleasing products".

Functionality remained the priority (anything to make parenting a little easier) however, I still felt the need for aesthetically pleasing products. And that is when Whynter Springs became a vision and so, I started sculpting products from experiences of motherhood.


The Nappy Caddy

Nappy Caddy. Baby Organisation. Nappy Storage. Nursery Caddy.

I guess it goes by many names, but we call it the Nappy Caddy. Our first product! And you know what, a pretty simple but genius concept… Having everything you need, to hand and in one place for baby changing, feeding, cleaning or bathing. They’re perfect for any room in the house and avoids last minute panics of looking for the changing stuff when a poo explosion hits!

I couldn’t find what I wanted on the market - ‘a nappy caddy that works properly, holds things in place and looked good in my home’.

I worked, and still do work, very closely with our UK manufacturer who also shares our passion for innovation and design. We keep up to date with interior trends, sourced fabrics (from like everywhere) and sampled, tested & tweaked the Nappy Caddy over the last year and a half.

We decided that Whynter Springs was to launch with our Nappy Caddy in three different materials and aesthetic appeal. You can shop a cream bouclé, super soft velvet or a go-to canvas here.


Travel Changing Mats

Making baby changing as simple as possible when on the go. 

Our Travel Changing Mat derived from taking our newly born daughter swimming. I wanted something portable, convenient and realistic to carry if I was taking her alone. We sourced a UK supplier for our mats which use baby safe foam that is slightly thicker than a traditional travel changing mat. The thickness gave me the confidence a baby would be more comfortable than laying a traditional travel mat, and the three way fold makes the mat nice and compact.

Product 3 pending.. June 2021