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The perfect Baby Swim bag for parents

July 22 2021 – S Harker

The perfect Baby Swim bag for parents

The perfect Baby Swim bag for parents

How exciting is the thought of taking your newborn swimming for the first time? And then suddenly you think at leat one of the below..

    • What do I pack?
    • Will they be warm?
    • Where can I change them?

Swimming with your children is an amazing thing; the pre and post change not so much. We know that for sure! Newborn on a dirty surface, eww. Toddler trying toe scape when you're braless, oh hell.

So, what makes the Whynter Springs Baby Swim Bag so unique?

💧Internal 'Wet & Dry' or 'Mum & Child' divider

Ever go to swim class and end up with a whole bundle of damp mess plonked in a bag? We feel you. The Whynter Springs Organised Baby Swim Bag has an internal divider that allows you to head to the pool with your stuff on one side and your child's on the other. After the swim sesh, wet stuff goes one side, dry the other. Genius eh?

💧One bag carries all.. (apart from the baby of course)

Our bags have been designed to hold everything you need for a swim class or day at the beach in one place.

The large, deep pockets are a perfect size for our padded Travel Changing Mat and to keep bottles / snacks or belongings safe.

💧Neutral design

Aesthetics baby! The bag is timeless! Use beyond days with your children.. holiday with the girls, yes please!

The minimalistic, gender neutral design works for both mum or dad.

💧Detachable Wet Bag

The detachable Wet Bag can be used for a variety of things. 

Use as: 

🌴a reusable & machine washable wet nappy sack

🌴to store your phone, keys & other belongings

🌴a snack pouch to store sealed nibbles

🌴for your lippy, tampons or sanitary towels

The detachable Wet Bag can be used for a variety of things.


Hook your keys, flasks or snack pots on to the D ring that sits on the inside of the bag.

💧UV Protective Coating

The bag has a UV protective coating on the fabric making it ideal for holidays, beach days or days out in the sunshine!


Genius eh?