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Tips for taking your baby swimming

September 26 2021 – S Harker

Tips for taking your baby swimming

Tips for taking your baby swimming

Swimming with a baby for the first time

How exciting that it’s time to take your little one swimming! From 8 weeks and onwards is usually a safer time to have a little paddle as mama has usually healed from birth and baby is starting to adjust to the world. 
As exciting as a first swim can be, it can also feel like a bit of a grey area for first time parents. ‘What’s the correct temperature?’ or ‘How long should we stay in the water for?’ are common questions when planning a trip to the pool.
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Finding the right pool

To swim with a baby or child, you will need a pool with a lifeguard which is the policy of most pools. An ideal temperature for a baby under 6 months is 32 degrees. Older babies may tolerate a slightly cooler pool as long as they are dressed appropriately. Always check the pool temperature before putting baby in.
You can usually find these pools at health clubs, hotels and leisure centres. If you search for local swimming lessons for children, you will likely find a suitable pool that may also offer family swims and family changing facilities.

GOOD TO KNOW: Call ahead and ask for an overview of facilities and an accurate pool temperature on the day.

How long should a baby swim for?

For your first swim, 10 minutes is plenty time. Keeping a regular check on your babies temperature is very important as newly born babies cannot regulate their own body temperature that can change a lot quicker in water than air. Watch for any signs of distress such as shivering, blueness and muscle cramping.

What should my baby wear to swim?

Pools will always require a Swim Nappy. Most pools ask for an additional Swim Nappy Pants. Further clothing will be dependant on the pool temperature. Seek advice from a professional depending on your babies weight / age.

What should I pack from swimming? - Downloadable checklist

Cue the Whynter Springs Swim Bag. You have a lot to pack for a swim trip and our bag has been designed to be an organised ‘one bag carries everything’ solution when heading to the pool. We have created an extremely useful checklist that you can download here. From towels to Changing Mats to clothing, we have you covered.

Good to know - Tips for swimming with a baby

🌴 Avoid swimming around feeding and nap times, a grumpy baby won’t allow either of you to enjoy
🌴 Try attend with someone for the first time until you figure things out
🌴 Check ahead for family changing facilities
🌴 Take two towels for baby, one to wrap them in and another to lay upon your Changing Mat for a warmer, softer surface
🌴 Put your swimwear on before leaving the house, change baby there
🌴 Take a small toy, this may keep baby occupied while you change
🌴 Before swimming; change yourself first, after swimming; dress yourself last
🌴 A hair bobble on your wrist can be useful
🌴 Pack the night before
🌴 For babies who are a little older, take water & snacks
🌴 Easy, comfortable clothing for you and baby

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